Ceramic Self-Ligating Braces

We provide clear ceramic self-ligating braces in Issaquah. These braces are made for comfort, efficiency, and esthetic appeal.

Self-ligating braces are an innovative treatment that use passive brackets, made of quality ceramic material and high-tech archwires, to perfect smiles with the greatest efficiency.

A maxillary skeletal expander (MSE)
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What are self-ligating, tie-less brackets?

Self-ligating brackets use a “passive” slide mechanism, instead of using elastics or rubber bands as traditional braces do. This allows brackets to move freely and teeth to move independently of each other.

The self-ligation feature allows for a quick, efficient treatment period as it accelerates the initial alignment phase. With traditional braces, teeth are all moved together simultaneously, which causes friction that slows down tooth movement.

With clear self-ligating braces, each tooth is able to rotate and straighten without obstacle, which enables a shorter treatment period.

Comfortable, Convenient and Clear

Self-ligating braces use smaller brackets that are known to feel more comfortable in the mouth, and make your oral hygiene routine a lot easier than it would be with traditional braces. 

Smaller brackets are easier to brush and floss around, and help you remove all food and debris from your brackets and wires. Because self-ligating braces don’t use rubber bands, there are fewer spaces for food to become lodged or bacteria to grow.

If you’re looking for a clean, professional smile and the appearance of traditional braces has stopped you from beginning the orthodontic process, ceramic self-ligating braces are the perfect solution.

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